Assalamu Aleikum, In times where it is not quite trendy to be muslim thanks to the media machinery that made islam responsible of every disease in the planet, there are two sorts o[...]
Assalamu Aleikum, It is tough for people not living in an Arabic country to have an Arabic keyboard at hand. Of course you could buy one online probably for home usage, but what if[...]
Assalamu’Aleikum, Did you know some muslim brothers can be geeky enough to produce a custom linux flavor loaded with useful features? This seems to be the case for the brothers beh[...]
        Assalamu Aleikum! We’re back for another selection on useful islamic iphone apps! Some are in Arabic but guess what these also offers their content in Englis[...]
Assalamu Aleikum, A while ago, an idea poped into my mind because of a recurrent problem I had. I needed to know: What is the reference website, mobile app or whatever way to find [...]
Assalamu Aleikom, Wanted to share with you, in two parts, a selection of original and well executed video series, that appeared in the last few years to present islam and islamic v[...]
Assalamu aleikum, Like many out there which hearts are towards Makkah, it’s always a pleasure to be able to see what is happening in masjed al haram and the Kaabah. The muslim geek[...]
Assalamu Aleikum, Looking for a consitent way to read quran, hoping I could activate my visual memory  while memorizing,  I needed to keep the same visual layout whether in my tabl[...]
  Assalamu aleikum, Ramadan is quickly passing, and here we are alreadiy at the last 10 days. This very important period of a very important month is when the Prophet salla ll[...]
Assalamu Aleikum,   Sorry but we’re busy celebrating this sacred day! ; -) So this will be a quick one for iPhone users! You know the iPhone/iPad App store is tremendously ric[...]