Assalamu aleikum, I always thought of infographics as a quick way to convey factual messages in a very effective manner. Nowadays, besides video contents, I strongly believe that a[...]
Assalamu aleikum, Not too long ago, we wrote an article on why your smartphone can be a very good companion for us as muslims. And the reasons were many. Mostly coming from the con[...]
Assalamu Aleikum! This post is to share with the readers an idea that might be interesting for the creative people out there that would find IK EA’s stuff good enough for their int[...]
Assalamu Aleikum, In times where it is not quite trendy to be muslim thanks to the media machinery that made islam responsible of every disease in the planet, there are two sorts o[...]
Assalamu Aleikom, Wanted to share with you, in two parts, a selection of original and well executed video series, that appeared in the last few years to present islam and islamic v[...]