Assalamu aleikum, I always thought of infographics as a quick way to convey factual messages in a very effective manner. Nowadays, besides video contents, I strongly believe that a[...]
7 hadith about Jumuah
Assalamu Aleikum, Today is jumuah and we thought sharing the below slides from Syukran.com with you. The slides contain valuable recommendations from Prophet Muhammad PBUH that we [...]
Assalamu aleikum, Not too long ago, we wrote an article on why your smartphone can be a very good companion for us as muslims. And the reasons were many. Mostly coming from the con[...]
Assalamu Aleikum, Instead of the classical calls for donations and rather than just counting on the donations boxes at the door of the mosque, brothers and sisters are getting more[...]
gadget muslim kid
Assalamu Aleikum, The world recently crossed one billion smartphone owners. And for Muslims as well, there are some good reasons why an iPhone for instance or any other smartphone [...]
I recently came across an interesting infografic which analyses the worldwide offers for buying… an Island. err…come again? Yes, you read it right! People are thinking [...]
Assalamu Aleikum! This post is to share with the readers an idea that might be interesting for the creative people out there that would find IK EA’s stuff good enough for their int[...]
Assalamu aleikum, . Below are seven iphone apps that you can use to populate your commuting time or while queuing for a (halal) pizza! This one though, is for those of you who can [...]
Assalamu Aleikum, Very last weeks of preparation for the lucky ones going inchaAllah to Haj this year. So for muslim brothers/sisters owning an iphone, how about some readings for [...]
Assalamu Aleikum, In times where it is not quite trendy to be muslim thanks to the media machinery that made islam responsible of every disease in the planet, there are two sorts o[...]