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Assalamu Aleikum, The world recently crossed one billion smartphone owners. And for Muslims as well, there are some good reasons why an iPhone for instance or any other smartphone [...]
Assalamu aleikum, . Below are seven iphone apps that you can use to populate your commuting time or while queuing for a (halal) pizza! This one though, is for those of you who can [...]
Assalamu Aleikum, Very last weeks of preparation for the lucky ones going inchaAllah to Haj this year. So for muslim brothers/sisters owning an iphone, how about some readings for [...]
Assalamu Aleikum, It is tough for people not living in an Arabic country to have an Arabic keyboard at hand. Of course you could buy one online probably for home usage, but what if[...]
        Assalamu Aleikum! We’re back for another selection on useful islamic iphone apps! Some are in Arabic but guess what these also offers their content in Englis[...]
Assalamu Aleikum, Looking for a consitent way to read quran, hoping I could activate my visual memory  while memorizing,  I needed to keep the same visual layout whether in my tabl[...]
  Assalamu aleikum, Ramadan is quickly passing, and here we are alreadiy at the last 10 days. This very important period of a very important month is when the Prophet salla ll[...]
Assalamu Aleikum,   Sorry but we’re busy celebrating this sacred day! ; -) So this will be a quick one for iPhone users! You know the iPhone/iPad App store is tremendously ric[...]
What better way to start this blog than with the holly Quran? This article is about a very nice Quran web application also available in offline mode. Whether it is for your regular[...]