7 hadith about Jumuah
Assalamu Aleikum, Today is jumuah and we thought sharing the below slides from Syukran.com with you. The slides contain valuable recommendations from Prophet Muhammad PBUH that we [...]
Assalamu’Aleikum, Did you know some muslim brothers can be geeky enough to produce a custom linux flavor loaded with useful features? This seems to be the case for the brothers beh[...]
Assalamu aleikum, Like many out there which hearts are towards Makkah, it’s always a pleasure to be able to see what is happening in masjed al haram and the Kaabah. The muslim geek[...]
Assalum Aleikum! In case you were too (productively) busy during Ramadan to watch islamic programs during this holy month, and I guess that’s the way we should be, here is a cool w[...]
Assalamu Aleikum! We at TheMuslimGeeks love skilled muslims! And you probably by now perfectly know that! In the very tough competition of todo list apps, 2Do app stood out as the [...]